Ayde Rayas-Gribben


Ayde Rayas-Gribben



Ayde Rayas-Gribben is a Licensed and Board Certified Creative Art Therapist and founding partner of Creative Connections Therapy. She received her Master in Art Therapy from the School of Visual Arts. Over the past twelve years Ayde has provided art therapy programs in group homes for young people with HIV, foster care families and in schools with students who have experienced trauma. She has developed art therapy groups in both Costa Rica and New York. She is currently in her fifth year as an Art Therapist at Cooke Center Academy and also runs a private practice in the Bronx.


As an art therapist, Ayde strives is to create a safe space for self-expression. Ayde guides clients through the therapeutic art making process by helping them identify stressors and create coping skills as they find a path to healing and well being.