Marie “Marysa” Wilcox Wambua


Marysa Wilcox Wambua



Marysa has extensive cross-cultural personal and professional experience. She is a founding member of Human-KindNYC. She is dedicated to the idea that we take a humanist approach to treating all people and honors how they identify in terms of race, gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation. She is a former Peace Corps Volunteer who served in Togo, West Africa. She has practiced meditation and mindfulness practice and yoga for more than two decades.

Marysa works with adults, children and families from all walks of life, though she specializes in working with older teens and adult humans who care for others.  Parents, teachers, elder caretakers, and others who care for humans often find themselves in short supply of their own self-care.

Marysa is a licensed master of social work and is supervised by Louise Abitbol, LCSW-R, a trauma focused psychotherapist. Marysa uses an eclectic approach to treatment including psychodynamic, relational, somatic, and cognitive behavioral therapy. She infuses her work with meditation and mindfulness practices.